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    I KUANG Raising Machine, Sueding Machine,Shearing Machine,Tubular fabric Machine,Stenter Machine,Slitting Machine,Calendering Compactor Machine,Balloon Tubular Hydro-Extracting Machine,Compressive Shrinking Machine,Open-Width Compacting Machine,Textile Finishing Machine,Whole Plant Equipment for Textile Finishing Machine,
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    Founded in 1972, I-KUANG Machine Works Co., Ltd.
    specializes in the design & manufacture of the machines used in the textiles finishing industry . For the past twenty years, thousands of our products including the Raising Machine, Shearing Machine, Sueding Machine, Calendering Machine and Tentering Machine , etc., have been installed in factories almost all over the world and have won the trust from all our costomers. Having invaluable experiences, we are able to automate machines of oustanding quality.

    In order to provide high-quality equipment and the best service to the finishing industry, I-KUANG is heading for a higher level of standardization and internationalization.




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